Welcome to Chariot Global Office

Welcome to Chariot Global Office


We are an English-Japanese Interpretation / Translation Office in Misawa, Japan.


We are providing English - Japanese interpretation, translation services at an affordable price.


If you have any struggles with the Japanese language, we will support you with professional skills.


Our services are available both online and offline.






JCI Support Childcare coordination

Provie JCI procedure suppot.
*Interpretation ONLY.
NO JCI Paperwork creation.

Find local childcare for you
& support admission procedure.

Local Culture School Local Activities

Provide Local Culture school information
& support admission procedure.

Provide Local activities information
& provide interpretation support.

Public Institution Sight seeing

Medical and other public facility support.
interpretation & translation support.

Provide Local information
& guide service in English.


And more!
Just let us know whatever you need!







  • Basic fee: 2,200 JPN YEN per 30 min for 1 staff in Misawa City area.
  • Extra travel fee will be charged for outside of the Misawa city area.
  • Other miscellaneous expenses wil be charged depends on situation


  • English to Japanese : 22 JPN YEN per source word
  • Japanese to English : 11 JPN YEN per letter

**All prices are TAX included**



Please feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Chariot Global Office
OPEN: TUE - SUN / 9:00 - 18:00 / Close on MON
TEL: 050-5858-6673
MAIL: info@cgo.jp