Profile of CEO

Name: Yusuke Osada


Former JASDF NCO, Logistics Specialist / Interpreter.
Served for 21 years, total 11 years station in Misawa AB and 10 years in Yokota AB.
Worked with US Army, US Navy and US Air Force as the interpreter through military career.





1999 Joined Japan Air Self Defense Force.
1999 Misawa AB / Supply Specialist
2005 Cope Thunder Joint Excersize as Admin specialist / Interpreter
2007 Graduated USAF NCO Academy Kadena
2008 Red Flag Alaska Joint Excersize as Logistics specialist / Interpreter
2009 Yokota AB / Foreign Military Sales coordinator, Customs Specialist.
2009 JASDF Annual Shooting Exceresize / PAC-3 Shooting Test as Logistics Specialist / Interpreter
2018 Misawa AB / Logistics Specialist / Foreign Military Sales Coordinator / Interpreter
2020 Retired Japan Air Self Defense Force
Launched Chariot Global Office

Chariot Global Office
OPEN: TUE - SUN / 9:00 - 18:00 / Close on MON
TEL: 050-5858-6673